Specialty coffee

Transparency is present in every step of the way in specialty coffee trading, from the farmer to the farm to the cup of coffee that is consumed. This allows for the buyers to pay the price with ease of mind, because they know although the specialty coffee is much more expensive than the commercial, the money is spent not only on quality but also on the farmers and the farms.

With the money made out of the specialty coffee farms, owners fairly pay the workers, they also provide them with health centers, schools, drinking water, shelters, play grounds and other such facilities. In many lower quality coffee farms, on the other hand, the workers are not fairly paid and are not even provided with primary facilities.
Moreover, the specialty coffee farm owners allocate a part of their income to improve the quality of the final product and to do research on finding better ways of planting and harvesting distinguished coffee.

Fair trade

There are over 17 million coffee farmers worldwide, most of whom are in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and out of this number only Indonesian farmers earn enough income to lead a normal life, with which one can pay for housing, food, clothing, health care and transportation fees.
Reports indicate that 25% of Indian farmers, 50% of the Vietnamese ones and 100% of the Kenyan ones don’t have the money for a normal life. Researches in Kenya show that growing coffee causes the farmers financial loss rather than profit.

Kenyan farmers lose around 8 American dollars per kilogram of dried coffee cherry. however, they need a profit of 3 American dollars per kilograms to be able to have a moderate state of life.
Have you ever thought that buying a specific type of coffee could help improve the life of a Kenyan family in need? Or help build a school for children living in El Salvador?
These are issues that rarely come to mind but are one of the most important points in the realm of specialty coffee. Coffee farm workers are mostly among the indigent members of the society and purchasing specialty coffee will have a direct impact on their lives.