The history of Moa

Moa Coffee, named after a giant bird endemic to New Zealand, started its business of processing coffee from the best farms around the world in 2017 in Tehran. With the goal of improving the quality and introducing specialty coffee, the beans are hand-picked from world-renowned farms under the supervision of Moa group specialists and imported to the country. The beans are roasted and packed with the assistance from New Zealand roasting champion, Robert R MacGregor.

Moa coffee

After due consideration, Moa technical team chooses the beans from world-renowned farms and imports them to the country with full supervision on every step, from picking the beans to transporting them. The beans are then stored in a standard condition to be roasted as required by the production schedule and made available to all coffee lovers.

Specialty Coffee

In simple terms, specialty coffee has certain qualities specified by professionals. The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) has defined certain criteria for the specialty coffee, both the green beans and the roasted ones.

Specialty green coffee bean

According to SCA’s definition, the coffee is categorized as specialty if there are less than 5 defects in each 350 grams of it. If the number of defects is higher than 5, the coffee can be categorized as premium or commercial (each having certain criteria).

Roasted coffee

Roasted coffee is tasted by professionals educated in the field of coffee flavors and given a score out of 100. Specialty coffee must score over 80 points.